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Private Jet

Travel anywhere in the world, save time with private jet flights, once on board your private jet, you are in your own private space.
Most medium jets and larger have a well equipped galley capable of serving hot and cold menus.
The security, peace of mind and privacy of our clients is absolutely paramount.
You have time to relax, work, eat or sleep. Clients set the pace and the schedule to maximize their time on board with the utmost privacy and comfort.

Airport Lounge

Fly with your private jet and enjoy the lounge class experience.
Sit down, stretch out and enjoy complimentary drinks, refreshments and pre-flight bites.
Use your time productively with charging points and free wi-fi in most lounges. Some lounges also offer conference rooms for business meetings.

Luxury Items

On request, we deliver valuable items at the comfort of your private jet.
These valuable items include jewelries like watches, rings or other luxury items.
Which are purchased at official stores in Dubai and Europe.

Mobile Devices

We make provisions for clients who want to purchase apple products, we handle the produrement process.
Therefore you can have your mobile phones, laptops, ipads or smart watches.
Now you can have control over your cryptocurrencies in real time while traveling.
You just need to request any product you want, all products are purchased in official apple stores.

Fiat Service

We provide you with emergency fiat money for your trip.
The money will be available in Euro, American Dollar and English Pound.
We can provide up to 50,000 in cash for your needs during the trip.
You will have liquidity for everything you need and we take it in person to your private jet.

Personal Assistant

We provide you with a personal assistant for your trip.
You do not worry about anything, the assitant help you get everything you want for your maximum comfort during the trip.
We offer you total security and confidentiality.
We are just a request away, we serve you in a personalized way.
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Services available only for clients that hire jet travel